The Art of Weaving

Teviz exports to the five continents. This is the recognition of our company’s ability to deal with the different market trends and demands. 

Teviz has in its client portfolio a wide range of profiles form the big retailers to the most recognized premium brands.

The Collection clients, usually renowned shirt makers, are acquainted with Teviz’ design, and know and trust that year after year they can count with an up to date design together with our top quality.

Teviz also has clients that develop their own design and their own products, they find in our company the ideal partner for the development of their own products. To them Teviz devotes its design and technical department.

Given the versatility of the mill the company provides home decoration and upholstery products.

This versatility is also present in the developments that Teviz provides for multipurpose fabrics.

This kind of client follow up is only in the range of those that have highly skilled and experienced teams in the industry and with a constant dynamic and devotion to the final customer. 

A arte de criar tecidos
A arte de criar tecidos 2
A arte de criar tecidos 3