Organico by Teviz is the result of combining decades of Portuguese Textile craftsmanship together with the finest certified organic cotton available in the world. This environmental friendly product will allow you to create the finest articles which will greatly enhance their durability, quality and perfomance.

By going organic you´re contributing to cleaner environment and a better tomorrow. It's beneficial to the farmers, their families and communities.

Conventional cotton heavily relies on the use of insecticides which account toapproximately 25% of all the world consumption of these substances. Furthermore, it consumes more than 10% of the world´s most toxic pesticides and some of them are proven carcinogens.In order to produce enough cotton for a single t-shirt, conventional cotton uses 150 grms or 1/3 pound of herbicidesand fertilizers.

Organico by Teviz proudly uses Control Union Certified organic cotton yarn.