História . Cronologia

The textile industry is an industry of passion and family heritage, an industry of knowledge that is passed from father to son, generation after generation.
Teviz’s history starts in 1890 with the birth of its founder – João Pereira de Magalhães. Mr. Magalhães was born in humble family with its roots in the north of Portugal, more precisely in the Vale do Ave (valley goes along the Ave river), between Guimarães and Vizela. Like every other contemporary families the textile was a complementary activity to give an extra income to the family’s budget. But, aside from this difficulties João Pereira de Magalhães kept studying be considered at his time, a well educated man although he never lost its connection to the art that will follow him for all his life, the art of fabric manufacturing. He started very young working, while studying, in textile mill, which given his skills and devotion he came to be the manager years after.
As a family man he’s family growing and with his eyes on his children and due to the recognition that he already had from everyone in the industry he was able to put together the financial resources to establish his own mill in 1935 a mill that so was to turn into an international reference in the shirting fabric manufacturing. Teviz was born from a men’s dream, a dream made of knowledge and tradition that kept on from generation to generation; a dream that reborn everyday by the hands of everyone that place in each meter of fabric created every piece of this legacy.